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2022 Grant Program Applicants

This is a list of all of the applicants that applied by the grant application due date for the fiscal year 2021. To read the applications, click on "Download" in the far right column.

Project Names Applicant Grant Request Synopsis Download
Project Names: August—2022 OHV Preservation Ambassador Program & Signage in Southern Nevada Applicant: Nevadans for Cultural Preservation (NVFCP), Dunes and Trails ATV/UTV Club, and Nevada Offroad Association (NVORA) Grant Request: 61,576 Synopsis: This joint grant request will help to bring attention to the preservation of cultural sites in southern Nevada. This proposal will have three parts. First, there will be cultural resource identification presentations given at a minimum of seven OHV clubs and organizations. These presentations will help identify sites and how to report site damages. Next, this proposal will create the OHV Preservation Ambassador Program. This program will have at least three in-person trainings with the goal of having people adopt sites and be advocates for OHV cultural preservation. Finally, signage will be provided for ten cultural sites in conjunction with the Land Managers. Download
Project Names: August 2022—Beaver Dam State Park OHV trailhead Applicant: Beaver Dam Nevada State Park Grant Request: 51,000 Synopsis: Funding is requested to build a quarter acre OHV trailhead including road extension, fencing, and signage for responsible recreation, and interpretation. Matching funds will be contributed as staff labor and fuel for the project. Download
Project Names: August 2022—Churchill County Safety, education, Extrication and Enforcement Phase Applicant: Churchill County Sheriff's Office Grant Request: 69021 Synopsis: No further grading 7/20/2022. Download
Project Names: August 2022—Mineral County OHV Staging Facility Applicant: Mineral County Grant Request: 133,515 Synopsis: Mineral County is requesting funds for a new gravel staging area. This staging area will provide access to trails throughout Mineral County. This grant proposal is only for the first stage of the project which would designate the area, and provide the gravel base layer and a kiosk. The proposed staging area will provide safe and secure parking, OHV information for the area, and allow for events such as registration drives and OHV safety courses. Download
Project Names: August 2022—Mount Rose Kiosk and OSV Boundary Signage Applicant: Lake Tahoe Snowmobilers Grant Request: 7,700 Synopsis: The Lake Tahoe Snowmobilers request funds to build a kiosk in the Tahoe Meadows on Mount Rose summit. The kiosk would display information on safety and etiquette, as well as maps defining the boundary between the non-OSV and OSV-legal areas. In addition to the kiosk, the Lake Tahoe Snowmobilers will work with the Humboldt-Toiyabe Ranger District to install carsonite signs along the area boundary, including Chickadee Ridge. Download
Project Names: August 2022—Nevada Offroad Association (NVORA) Applicant: Nevada Offroad Association Grant Request: 46,000 Synopsis: The Nevada Offroad Association (NVORA) advocates and provides support for motorized outdoor recreation throughout the state. This grant request is to fund NVORA through the first quarter of 2023. NVORA advocates for responsible recreation through education, awareness, media, outreach, and alliances. Their values align with Tread Lightly! T.R.E.A.D principals. NVORA continues to promote Nevada clubs and non-governmental organizations in securing funding to improve OHV access and utility on public lands. Download
Project Names: August 2022—Nye County Big Dune Access Road Improvement Applicant: Bureau of Land Management, Pahrump Field Office Grant Request: 500,000 Synopsis: The Bureau of Land Management Pahrump Field office requests funds to add improvements and continued maintenance to 5,808 feet (1.1 miles) of road. This road is the access road to the Big Dune Special Recreation Management Area in Nye County, NV. The road improvements would consist of clearing and grading the existing road and laying aggregate to widen the road. The Bureau of Land Management would provide maintenance on the road after the initial construction. Download
Project Names: August 2022—South Dry Valley OHV Maintenance and Restoration Applicant: The Great Basin Institute Grant Request: 95,074 Synopsis: The Great Basin Institute, in cooperation with the Bureau of Land Management Eagle Lake Field Office, is requesting funds for trail maintenance and improved signage in Dry Valley. The Great Basin Institute would maintain ten miles of trail, replace 80 carsonite signs, replace 6 road signs, replace 5 directional signs, and re-paint two double kiosks. The Bureau of Land Management will provide all necessary materials. During this work, each crew will provide trail maintenance as well as reports of unauthorized use. Download
Project Names: August 2022—Town of Tonopah OHV Staging Facility Applicant: Nevada Offroad Association for Town Of Tonopah Grant Request: 197,620 Synopsis: The Nevada Offroad Association on the behalf of the Town of Tonopah requests funding for a new staging facility. Phase one of this project is complete and phase two, which includes excavation, gravel, gates, slope grading, water lines and hydrants to be installed, is scheduled to be complete prior to the items in this request. The requested funds would be to fulfill phase three. This would include a vault toilet, kiosks and shade structures to finish the project. Signage would be provided by the Nevada Offroad Association as well as Tread Lightly! This new staging area would provide access to trails as well as a location for OHV events and education. Download
Project Names: August 2022—Winter Ranger Program Applicant: The Great Basin Institute Grant Request: 57,283.43 Synopsis: The Great Basin Institute, in cooperation with US Forest Service Humboldt-Toiyabe National Forest Ruby Mountains, Santa Rosa, and Ely Ranger Districts, requests funding to continue the winter recreation snow ranger program. This program will field four technicians in 2023 for a total of 13 weeks. These technicians will conduct snowmobile patrols, avalanche education and response, Nevada OHV registration education and outreach, wilderness boundary signing, and maintenance of existing facilities. Funding will also be used to purchase winter recreation safety gear that will be used for multiple years. Download
Project Names: January 2022—- Analysis of the Economic Impact of Outdoor Recreation in Nevada Applicant: Nevada Division of Outdoor Recreation, Colin Robertson, Administrator Grant Request: 150,000 Synopsis: NDOR will use grant funding to commission a third party analysis of the economic impacts of outdoor recreation in Nevada and conduct an asset mapping inventory of outdoor recreation infrastructure/ sites statewide to determine economic value added by Outdoor recreation to the Nevada economy. the analysis will include impacts of the OHV/OSV/ offroad industry clusters in the overall Nevada outdoor economy. Deliverables include a web accessible study and local level details of economic impacts. The project is expected to be complete in Q1 2023 coinciding with the start of 2023 Nevada Legislative Session. Download
Project Names: January 2022—- Carson City Sheriff’s Office Off-Highway Vehicle Program Applicant: Carson City Sheriff's office Grant Request: 62,654 Synopsis: Carson City Sheriff's Office seeks funding to continue their OHV program development by attending monthly offroad patrols and events. The grant request includes funding for four bikes and supporting safety equipment, officer overtime, and education and outreach materials to be dispersed at community events. Download
Project Names: January 2022—- Cultural Resource preservation Education & Interpretive Plan for 10 Visited Archaeological Sites Applicant: Nevadans for Cultural Preservation Grant Request: 77,769 Synopsis: Nevadans for Historic Preservation proposes a three part program to encourage cultural resource preservation, OHV Ambassadors, and interpretive planning for 10 most visited cultural sites. Deliverables include 7 CRP presentations to the Southern Nevada OHV community, Three OHV ambassador trainings, and a interpretive planning report for 10 heavily visited sites commonly accessed by OHV. A short project video will also be produced to be featured on the OHV program website. Download
Project Names: January 2022—- Elko Motocross Track Applicant: Elko Motocross Club Grant Request: 478,061 Synopsis: Elko Motocross clubs seeks funding for three pieces of mechanized equipment to construct a motocross course on Elko County Property. Funds are also requested to insure the equipment, to complete a Wetland Delineation survey of the seasonal watershed that is on the proposed track site, operating costs, and for a watering system for track maintenance. Download
Project Names: January 2022—- Humboldt- Toiyabe National Forest OHV Route Maintenance Applicant: Great Basin Institute Grant Request: 185,465.21 Synopsis: Project funding will be used to fund one five person chainsaw crew to complete 18, eight day work tours for corridor clearing on motoroized trails across multiple Ranger Districts on the Humboldt Toiyabe National Forest. Download
Project Names: January 2022—- Kingsbury Stinger Trail and Trailhead Improvements Applicant: Tahoe Area Mountain Biking Association Grant Request: 73,790 Synopsis: Project funding will be used to construct 1.5 miles of new 50" wide trail accessible by Motorcycle and non motorized recreation. This realignment will steer trail traffic away from residential areas towards a new staging area at the bottom of the Stinger Trail. The final half mile of new trail will include jumps, berms and rollers ending in a new parking area with kiosk. Additionally, the upper 3.3 miles of existing trail will be maintained. Download
Project Names: January 2022—- Las Vegas Metro Police Department Northeast Area Command Resident Section Off-Highway Vehicle Enforcement Grant Applicant: Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department Grant Request: 72,531 Synopsis: LVMPD requests funding to support operations for the Northeast area command. For the requested officer time and a locking storage for the Polaris Side by side purchased from a previous grant, LVMPD will provide education and enforcement of OHV laws around Moapa Valley, Logandale trails, Gold Butte National Monument, bowman reservoir, and the Nellis Dunes. Funding will also be used to complete VIN inspections and registration events in cooperation with the BLM Law Enforcement. Download
Project Names: January 2022—- Logandale Trails Stewarship Applicant: Vegas Valley Four Wheelers Grant Request: 39,614 Synopsis: Vegas Valley Four Wheelers proposes to enter a cooperative agreement with the BLM Las Vegas Field office to host stewardship, annual projects, and maintenance of the Logandale Trail System. The VVFW will also assist BLM with sign maintenance, and travel management inventory as planning efforts are underway. Download
Project Names: January 2022—- Mesquite Police Department OHV Registration Campaign Applicant: Mesquite Police Department Grant Request: 15,000 Synopsis: Mesquite Police Department will use funding to host 12 OHV registration events and conduct 15 trail patrols during the course of the grant period. Funding will be used for officer time. Download
Project Names: January 2022—- Moapa Valley Fire District EMS OHV Applicant: Moapa Valley Fire Protection District Grant Request: 31,307.51 Synopsis: Moapa Valley Fire Protection District seeks funding for one Polaris Ranger XP 1000 and support equipment to support emergency response. Matching funds will be used to host two, one day training sessions for basin emergency medical skills to stabilize common OHV related injuries and CPR each year. Two ATV Safety Institute training courses will be hosted each year. Two one day EMS services will be provided to organizations working or hosting events at the Logandale trail system each year. The grant term is expected to last two years. Download
Project Names: January 2022—- Nevada Mapping Collaborative Applicant: Great Basin Institute Grant Request: 83,603.50 Synopsis: Great Basin Institute Mapping Collaborative seeks continued funding to finalize a statewide trails database with currently available authorized trail system information. Trail data will be published on the OHV website as georeferenced maps, complete with system names, ID numbers, trail width, surface type, land manager and vehicle accessibility information. The goal is to complete two trail system dirt pages per month (12 over the 6 month period). Download
Project Names: January 2022—- Nevada Off-Road Naturalist Trail—East Walker River Applicant: Nevada Division of Natural Heritage Grant Request: 13,012 Synopsis: Nevada Division of Natural Heritage seeks funding to expand their Off-Road Naturalist Trail program to the East Walker River Area near the Nine mile Ranch Walker River State Recreation Area. The Off-road Naturalist trail will include coordination with State Parks and Land Managers to showcase points of interest along the route. the trail will be published using Google Earth and available as paper copies to be distributed by NDNH and Nevada State Parks. Signage will be installed in park units that will include online maps links, route map, and agency logos. Research for future off-road naturalist trail opportunities is included in this request. Download
Project Names: January 2022—- Nevada Offroad Association Applicant: Nevada Offroad Association Grant Request: 159,280 Synopsis: Nevada Offroad Association seeks funding to continue partnership building between land managers, government organizations, and OHV user groups to continue promotion and expansion of responsible offroad recreation messaging, "Ride Responsibly Nevada #rideresponsiblyNV." NVORA will provide matching funds from volunteer labor, and national stake holders such as TreadLightly!. NVORA will also host a Nevada Offroad Summit. Download
Project Names: January 2022—- Nevada OHV - Ride Safe - Ride Smart Applicant: Nevada Outdoor School Grant Request: 51,622 Synopsis: NOS seeks funding to continue the education and outreach campaign for Outdoor Ethics focused on youth focused responsible OHV recreation. The program will continue to host youth ATV safety courses and in school nature based environmental education in cooperation with the Humboldt County Sheriff's office. NOS hopes to reach 1000 Youth and host 3 ATV/ Dirt Bike safety rider camps, and at least 8 summer camps for grades 3-11. Download
Project Names: January 2022—- Nevada OHV Recreation Technicians Applicant: Great Basin Institute Grant Request: 125,381.90 Synopsis: The OHV Recreation Technicians seek continued funding to expand the scope of their site monitoring and program support activities. As an interagency partnership with land managers the Rec Techs plan to support on the ground grant projects statewide, and continue to monitor popular OHV areas on a monthly basis. Funding is requested for salaries and increased travel budget to participate in events statewide. The goal of this project is to provide consistent monitoring of public lands, serve as a supplemental workforce for other grant projects, and provide learning opportunities for early career individuals interested in natural resources management. Download
Project Names: January 2022—- Off Road Vehicle Removal Equipment Applicant: 775 Offroad & Recovery Grant Request: 9,100 Synopsis: Project requests equipment including tow dollys to provide vehicle rescue services on public lands in the 775 area code Download
Project Names: January 2022—- Offroad Vehicle Recovery Training Applicant: 775 Offroad & Recovery Grant Request: 5,500 Synopsis: The grant applicant proposes to provide standardized training to the OHV community focused on UTV, SxS, ATV, and Plated Vehicle recoveries. Funding will be used for instructors during the two day courses hosted by 775 Offroad & Recovery. Download
Project Names: January 2022—- OHV Education and Marketing Applicant: MXT Media Grant Request: 409,900 Synopsis: MXT Media seeks funding to continue education and outreach events around Southern Nevada. This year, funding requests include hiring a junk removal service to help with public lands cleanups at four separate events. Additionally, MXT Media will provide support to rural police departments to host OHV Registration events and spread awareness of registration requirements for OHVs on public lands. Funding will be used for marketing purposes including facebook posts, radio advertising, and online media. OHV website maintenance and video production showcasing other grant projects and registration messaging will be a continued goal of this project. Download
Project Names: January 2022—- OHV Safety Training and Education SNORR Applicant: Southern Nevada Off Road Recovery Grant Request: 92,157 Synopsis: Project funding will be used to purchase vehicle recovery equipment to rescue stranded OHVs. SNORR plans to host 20 in person and hands on off road safety and recovery classes to the public between 2022-2023. the 3 hr course asks for a $40 donation with a max course attendance of 30 people. Course content includes tread Lightly principles, off-road safety gear, and recovery techniques. Download
Project Names: January 2022—- OHV Trail, Staging & Desert Clean up Applicant: Desert Pigs Grant Request: 37,535 Synopsis: The Desert Pigs requests funding for three trailers, two to be used in Northern Nevada, and a third for use in Southern Nevada for the purposes of public lands cleanups focused on maintaining cleanliness and safety at OHV staging areas and trails on public lands. Download
Project Names: January 2022—- Pershing County Sheriff’s Office OHV Program Applicant: Pershing County Sheriff's Office Grant Request: 30,252.25 Synopsis: Pershing County Sheriff's Office requests funding for a new Honda Talon OHV. The OHV will be used for Law Enforcement and OHV training courses. At minimum, three rider safety courses will be hosted for Dirt bike, ATV and side by side operators. In exchange for funding the new OHV, all training costs, enforcement time, and vehicle maintenance will be covered by Pershing County Sheriff's Office. Download
Project Names: January 2022—- Pine Grove OHV Damage Mitigation Applicant: Pine Nut Mountains Trail Association ; Friends of Pine Grove; Nevada Offroad Association Grant Request: 39,066.40 Synopsis: Funding is requested to complete Section 106 surveys, purchase, and install surface fencing to limit access to pedestrian traffic around the grave yard at the Pine Grove Hills historic site. Signage will be installed as designated by the US Forest Service. Download
Project Names: January 2022—- PNMTA Education, Outreach and Mapping Applicant: Pine Nut Mountains Trail Association Grant Request: 45,518 Synopsis: PNMTA seeks continued funding to host twice per year public lands clean ups, and participation in national conferences. funding will be used to pay for clean up supplies and dumpsters, education materials, rental equipment and advertising. funding requests also include an enclosed trailer to transport club materials and OHVs to work sites. PNMTA also plans to support the 2022 Nevada Off-road Summit in Douglas County. Download
Project Names: January 2022—- RAD Outreach Applicant: Reno Area Dirtriders Grant Request: 25,850 Synopsis: Reno Area Dirt Riders seeks funding to continue their outreach efforts funded for the past two years. This year, OHV Funds will be used to produce five videos for dirtbike users that covers trail safety, maintenance, navigation, ride preparation, and how to be involved with Nevada OHV Communities. Videos will be shared on social media. additionally funding will be used for two OHV Registration drives during 2022 in Northwest Nevada. Download
Project Names: January 2022—- Ride Safe and Smart Humboldt County Applicant: Humboldt County Sheriff's Office Grant Request: 28,889 Synopsis: Humboldt County Sheriff's Office seeks continued funding to support at minimum, four ATV, Side by Side and Dirtbike safety courses and two VIN Inspection registration events in partnership with the Nevada Outdoor School. Funds will be used to train additional HCSO staff on Dirtbike and OHV operation and complete patrols specific to OHV NRS Enforcement. Download
Project Names: January 2022—- Silver State RaceMedX Applicant: Silver State RaceMedX (Formerly MotoMedX) Grant Request: 16,961 Synopsis: Silver State Race MedX (formerly MotoMedX) seeks continued funding to provide trained Emergency Medical Services and equipment for organized OHV events throughout Northern Nevada. Funding will also be used to continue one - day training sessions in basic emergency medical skills to stabilize injuries typical to OHV use, training in proper equipment care and maintenance while doing trail work, and providing health and fitness training specific to OHV operation with emphasis on injury prevention. Download
Project Names: January 2022—- SunBuggy Trash Patrol Applicant: SunBuggy Fun Rentals Inc. Grant Request: 52,038.22 Synopsis: Sunbuggy Rentals seeks funding to complete trash clean up three times per week at the Nellis Dunes OHV site in Clark County. Funding will be used to pay staff, equipment costs and dumpster services on a weekly basis for one or two years. Download
Project Names: January 2022—- Tread Lightly! Nevada Applicant: Tread Lightly! Grant Request: 124,955 Synopsis: Funding is requested by Tread Lightly! to hire a Nevada Project Manager who will perform outreach and education programs with local clubs and enthusiasts to promote responsible recreation to residents and visitors of Nevada. The manager will coordinate with state and federal land management agencies to develop a statewide signage plan. Funding includes budgets for one kiosk at the Pine Grove Hills Historic site, and another at the Wilson Canyon OHV Staging area. Download
Project Names: January 2022—- Wilson Canyon OHV Remediation, Phase 1 Applicant: Walker Basin Conservancy Grant Request: 99,391 Synopsis: Walker Basin Conservancy proposes to complete restoration within the 2003 BLM Emergency Closure at Wilson Canyon to prevent further adverse effects to soils, vegetation, and natural resources along the Walker River corridor. restoration work includes installation of tight and loose protective barriers, restoration of degraded areas, and signage installation. Download