2018 Grant Program Applicants

This is a list of all of the applicants that applied by the grant application due date for fiscal year 2018. To read the applications, click on "download" in the far right column.

Project Name Applicant Grant Request Synopsis Download
AVALANCHE EDUCATION SAFETY BOOK, E-BOOK AND VIDEO SIERRA AVALANCHE CENTER $16,060 Because of the increase in snowmobile-related avalanche fatalities and the lack of access to snowmobile-specific avalanche education, SAC has prioritized outreach and education with motorized users over the past five years. We developed and administered a series of (free) introductory avalanche education classes designed specifically for snowmobilers, including two classes funded by Nevada’s OHV Program. However, our classes are generally limited to the greater Lake Tahoe area, making access difficult for many snowmobilers in eastern and southern Nevada. (The Center heard from the Commission last year, the desire to expand the avalanche education to other parts of the state) So with your support, we propose the creation and publication of a motorized specific avalanche safety book, e-book, and video, for distribution throughout Nevada, to help fill this gap and provide critical avalanche safety information to riders across the state. Download
BOULDER CITY OHV PROGRAM BOULDER CITY POLICE DEPARTMENT $85,000 We are establishing a comprehensive OHV Education and Enforcement Program for Boulder City. This program includes working with other regional agencies, our various city departments, the Chamber of Commerce and State and Federal agencies, such as the National Park Service, and BLM. The program will have strong emphasis on education and training, to include OHV “rodeos,” interactions with local OHV organizations and businesses, mapping, OHV registration events, garbage removal and trail maintenance. The City will cover all on duty personnel costs, which includes all supervision, program planning and coordination as well as at least one on-duty fully equipped and trained Police Officer 1 ten hour shift per week starting Sept 1, 2017. The City will supply at least two 4x4 patrol vehicles, with maintenance and fuel, etc. The grant request is for overtime funds, a LE suitable ATV vehicle and some related informational material printing and safety equipment. Included in cost estimate is city-supplied support from Parks and Public Works. Download
DANCE HILL USFS CARSON DISTRICT OH PATROL, SIGNAGE USFS CARSON RANGER DISTRICT $196,685 1. Dance Hill cultural resource protection, rerouting and new directional signage. There are authorized system designated roads in the area that allow for legal travel up and around the site. To promote the legal use of the authorized designated routes, improved signing will be installed to mark the road as well as an informational kiosk with a map identifying the legal open routes in the area and information and education about OHV regulations, proper and safe use of OHVs, and principles of tread lightly. An interpretive kiosk may be installed after formal tribal consultation at Dance Hill to educate users on the cultural importance of Dance Hill and why the closures and restoration work in the area is necessary. Surveys and NEPA will be conducted prior to the construction of the fence. Specialists on the district will survey the area and report any findings. Once reports are completed, a determination will be made. If a Categorical exclusion is sufficient, it will then be provided. Funding for specialists time is being requested. Funding for specialists will include, Archaeology, Botany, Wildlife, and Recreation. 2. OHV Ground operations for the Bridgeport and Carson District. Download
DOUGLAS COUNTY SHERIFF OHV ENFORCEMENT DOUGLAS COUNTY SHERIFF'S OFFICE $30,000 Through the use at of past OHV grants, we have been successfully able to help educate our OHV riders on the need for proper spark arrestors, the need for registration stickers through primarily warnings, and identified several illegal dumping areas and facilitated the clean-up efforts. For the coming grant period, we would like to take an even more aggressive and participative posture shifting more towards enforcement efforts. We have several new officers as well as a Sergeant in-charge that are enthusiastic about this project. wE plan to conduct at least two enforcement / educations patrol days each month for 6-10 hours each with a team of 2 deputies minimum on overtime. We also plan to facilitate two (2) illegal dumping clean up days in partnership with our local community and businesses and one (1) off-road sticker / VIN verification campaign. Download
ESMERALDA COUNTY ACCESS TO PUBLIC LANDS ESMERALDA COUNTY $120,000 The County will be completing a preliminary engineering report, site reconnaissance and environmental review of approximately 21 miles of access roads in Esmeralda county through both BLM and USFS lands in the area of Boundary Peak. This phase of the project if funded will allow the County to apply for federal and state funding next year to maintain those 21 miles of access roads. The Federal USFS and BLM offices are supportive of the project. Download
ESMERALDA COUNTY SHERIFF OHV SUPPORT VEHICLE ESMERALDA COUNTY SHERIFF'S OFFICE $20,844.99 The Esmeralda County Sheriffs Office is need of a support vehicle for the OHV Trailer that was purchased 2016. Esmeralda County is not allowing county employees to tow OHV equipment with personal vehicles due to insurance. This is a much needed project for the Esmeralda County Sheriffs Office to continue to haul the trailer and to do events within the County. The Esmeralda County Sheriffs Office has $20,000 in our budget to split the cost with the Nevada Off Highway Vehicle Grant. Download
FRIENDS OF GOLD BUTTE SIGNAGE FRIENDS OF GOLD BUTTE $21,376 The Friends of Gold Butte (FoGB) submitted a sign plan proposal to the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) to install 52 directional signs and 3 interpretive kiosks along the Gold Butte Backcountry Byway. The proposal received a Categorical Exclusion permit in September 2017. To initiate the sign project, FoGB received a small grant from REI, Inc. to purchase 10 directional signs and 1 kiosk for GBNM. Now we seek funding to purchase the remaining 42 directional and 3 interpretive signs; bolts, screws, and posts to mount signs; and any additional mounting or finishing materials (e.g., concrete, paint, etc.). The signs will be installed by a volunteer stewardship crew in partnership with the BLM. There are 350 miles of designated roads and trails in GBNM. The road monitor crew will drive all roads in GBNM throughout the year to assess condition and perform light maintenance to ensure that vehicles can stay on roads safely and document damage from illegal vehicle incursions. In addition to sign installation, the stewardship crew will be deployed to restore damaged areas. Download
HUMBOLDT RIDE SAFE AND SMART HUMBOLDT COUNTY SHERIFF'S OFFICE $53,040.26 During calendar year 2018, the Humboldt County Sheriffs Office will use these funds and continued partnership with the Nevada Outdoor School to expand our "Ride Safe and Smart Humboldt County" by adding a minimum of three rider safety training classes for Dirt Bike's, ATV's, and Side by Sides, in addition to a minimum of four VIN inspection and/or registration drives. The Polaris Razor 4 will be used for both training and enforcement. It will be a vehicle in which we use while hosting the side by side rider training classes, as well as to conduct compliance checks and enforcement of the vast off highway areas within Humboldt County. All compliance and enforcement patrols will take place on public lands in which the Humboldt County Sheriffs Office has complete or shared jurisdiction over. The Polaris will be transported and stored inside the Charmac cargo trailer, which is also being sought in this grant. When not in use, both will be stored within our secured lot. The Ride Safe and Smart Humboldt County program has been successfully spreading the message of safe and responsible off-highway recreation throughout our community and state over the past several years and our efforts continue to grow. We were excited over this past summer when we begin hosting our first rider safety classes, taught by our Personnel who were certified through the MSF Dirt Bike School, and the ATV Safety Institute. Further, our latest VIN lnspection/OHV Registration drive was quite successful, with over 50 inspections completed in four hours. Download
INYO NATIONAL FOREST ESMERALDA COUNTY TRAIL MAINTENANCE AND PATROL INYO NATIONAL FOREST $74,000 I am submitting a grant application in an effort to further support the OHV and motorized roads and traiI management program of the Inyo National Forest's White Mountain Rang r District. The projects have been developed to maintain a safe and responsible well managed OHV program that focuses on providing high quality recreation opportunities while minimizing impacts to natural resources. The projects include: I. Mapping and signing of trails and facilities 2. Reconstruction, enhancement or maintenance of existing trails and facilities. 3. Restoration of areas that have been damaged by the use of off-highway vehicles 4. Compliance and enforcement. Additionally, our partner has submitted an application to the Nevada Off-Highway Vehicle Commission for work on the Inyo National Forest. I. Esmeralda County - Application for a Preliminary Engineering Maintenance and Environmental studies. pu o n fun ding from Sta te Funds. T he pro posed work in c lu des lhe routin e maint e nance and repair of road and trail s within the e xis tin g road/trai l pris m, act io ns lo address route widenin g, mi tig atio n of resou rce impacts, and installat io n of sig ns and route markers o n Nat io nal Forest Syste m roads and trails. Download
KINGS CANYON ROAD REPAIR AND WAYFINDING CARSON CITY $69,060 Kings Canyon Road is a 9.4 mile dirt/gravel road located in west Carson City and extends to Highway 50 at Spooner Summit. It is considered a Road Maintenance Level 2 road, an open high-clearance 4WD road, by the USFS and is under the administration of the USFS. Carson City is submitting this application on behalf and in partnership with the USFS. With trails and open space properties located along Kings Canyon Road and with emergency response provided by Carson City, the City has a need and desire for improved access. Emergency repair of the first 1.4 mile segment of the road, ending at the Ash to Kings Trail Access can start very soon: grading of the road, construction of rolling dips and the addition of fill material. Once the cultural review process is complete, repair and wayfinding signs on the rest of the road can begin. This grant request is for the planning/studies and the emergency repair segment. Requests for the repair of the remaining road segments will occur next year after studies are complete. ff-Highway Vehicles Program Grant Application_FY2018 Page 4 of 13 will include: grading of the road, construction of rolling dips and the addition of fill material. A detailed scope of work is listed in the attached cost estimate and associated map. The estimate will be doubled to include additional costs of materials. Once the cultural review process is complete, repair of this segment of road can begin immediately as the scope of work is already identified. Download
KOKOPELLI TRAIL MARKING MESQUITE TO CALIENTE KOKIPELLI ATV CLUB $70,384 The primary purpose of this project is to identify and mark intersections along two key routes (approximately 90 miles each) and any connecting loops in southern Lincoln County from Mesquite to Caliente, Nevada with 650 Carsonite-type signs. A total of approximately 200-300 miles of roads and trails are to be marked. This signage will also provide connecting routes between Mesquite, Nevada and Caliente, Nevada with the Silver State Trail System. We also intend to place ten Informational Safety Signs near the entrances of key travel routes to warn travelers of potential dangers (e.g., dehydration, exposure to extreme cold or heat) and suggest equipment and supplies vital to their safety and survival. Purchased equipment (OHV trailer and accessories, motorized hammer (REDI Driver) and accessories for driving Carsonite signs), tools and supplies will be kept in a rental storage area (Mayan) in Mesquite or in Club Officers’/Trail Bosses’ garages in Mesquite. Download
LAS VEGAS METRO OVERTON PD ENFORCEMENT LAS VEGAS METRO PD RESIDENT SECTION OVERTON, NV $47,133 The LVMPD will purchase an OHV side-by-side along with trailer. Outfit the OHV side-by-side with police markings, police lighting package, and radio system. Conduct several public VIN inspection events in the Moapa Valley region and provide education to the public on registration. Conduct OHV patrol in the Logandale Trails System during a heavy use weekends. Cite operators of unregistered OHVs, as well as, conduct VIN inspection during the stop in order to assist the owner so he/she may complete the OHV registration process. Download
LOGAN ROAD MAINTENANCE TAHOE USFS LAKE TAHOE BASIN MGT UNIT $101,560 This project will expand on the Genoa Peak Road OHV project grant, a multiyear and multi-partner effort within the Lake Tahoe Basin. Nevada OHV grant funds have been used in the past to implement significant maintenance and BMP upgrades. This project will build upon maintenance already accomplished, and will seek to upgrade 6.5 miles of trail and decommission/restore 58,500 SF of unauthorized spurs. Additionally, this project will implement OHV route restoration in areas where the trail has become braided. The Logan Loop road will brought up to design management specification standards. Mapping and signage will be enhanced throughout the Genoa Peak Road corridor for improved consistency and clarity. Download
LOGANDALE TRAILHEAD FACILITIES PARTNERS IN CONSERVATION $62,722 This project will add new concrete to existing concrete (from old restroom, sidewalks, etc to make a uniform pad and new handicap parking (2 spaces). On top of the new concrete, 2 shade structures will be secured as well as 2 more picnic tables and 2 more animal-proof trash bins. These items will be adjacent to the new restroom. We are also replacing a shade structure and a picnic table from the west side of the trailhead, near the kiosks (the originals have been missing for years). We anticipate this project to take less than a year. A volunteer day, after all the construction work is completed, will be held to clean-up debris, rake the grounds, paint the old amenities to more closely match the new amenities. Download
LYON COUNTY WALKER RIVER SRA LAW ENFORCEMENT INTIATIVE LYON COUNTY SHERIFF'S OFFICE $301,644.85 This project proposes to purchase law enforcement equipment; provide funding for collaborative law enforcement training; and develop user data reports for future resource allocations to meet unfunded public safety responses in this remote LYON region. Grant would pay for labor/overtime for patrol, training. The purchase of five (5) Chevy tahoe's, trauma kits and gps's. Download
NEVADA DEPT OF WILDLIFE OHV ENFORCEMENT NEVADA DEPARTMENT OF WILDLIFE $42,500 The application requests funding for overtime for Department game wardens to provide education, registration enforcement, and VIN inspections for these users as part of our normal patrol duties. Download
NVOHV EDUCATION, TRAINING , OUTREACH STATEWIDE MAPPING, SURVEY SUPPORT GREAT BASIN INSTITUTE $185,762.82 This project if funded will be match 100% by Federal Recreational Trails program funding already secured and if funded will result in two full years of the program. Great Basin Institute, in cooperation with Nevada Commission on Off-Highway Vehicles (NCOHV), Nevada State Parks Recreational Trails Program, Tread Lightly, National Off Highway Vehicle Conservation Council (NOHVCC), public land managers, and other interested non-profit and governmental organizations is proposing the development of a five person team that will focus on providing Nevada’s communities and public land managers OHV education, training and outreach support. The team will be comprised of one state team leader, two state regional team leaders for northern and southern Nevada, and two state regional recreation technicians for northern and southern Nevada. Year one project goals will include organizing and holding regional OHV Summits that will provide community members and public land managers educational and training workshops focused on OHV related topics such as leave no trace, safety, OHV registration program, improved cooperation for OHV trail design & layout, and capacity building for grant writing; collecting statewide authorized OHV trail system map data and providing this information to the NCOHV, who will in turn post on their website; and developing and conducting a survey of local governmental entities and other interested parties intended to solicit input regarding whether the statutory presumption set forth in NRS 490.090 to NRS 490.130, inclusive, that the operation of an off-highway vehicle on a paved highway is prohibited unless authorized by a governmental entity, should be amended. Year two project goals include organizing and holding additional regional OHV Summits, collaborating with NOHVCC and the NCOHV to host NOHVCC’s annual conference in Nevada, continuing to build and update OHV trail map data, and working with communities to draft and submit NCOHV and RTP grant proposals. Download
NVOHV PROGRAM MARKETING & WEBSITE TRAIL MAP INTEGRATION MXT MEDIA & RIGHT START DATA $107,575 The goal of the Off-Highway Vehicles Program Marketing & Website Trail Map Integration project is twofold: Objective 1. Develop a public outreach campaign that is effective in showcasing the benefits of OHV Registration by creating specific media (video, photos, educational materials, advertisements, etc) of projects funded by the OHV Commission and to develop messages that publicize grant awards/projects and awardees. Objective 2. To continuously update trail maps on the OHV website with KML/KMZ data including updating software to show way points, packaging data for download by end users from site for use on GPS systems that can read KML/KMZ data and upload printable PDFs of maps for download by end users as needed. This application has an amended budget reducing the grant request and is in the download. Download
NYE COUNTY SHERIFFS OFFICE EDUCATIONAL AWARENESS PROGRAM NYE COUNTY SHERIFF'S OFFICE $71,775.12 With these funds the Nye County Sheriffs Office will be creating and conducting an Education Awareness program relating to the registration of OHVs. This project creates an educational program using multi-media advertising, 6 registration events. Download
PARTNERSHIP DEVELOPMENT ENFORCEMENT STRATEGIES 360 $250,000 Working in Southern Nevada, we propose to partner with Clark County and other federal and state agencies to ensure trail maps are clear and appropriate signage is available in trail areas. We propose a social media campaign to identify registration requirements for OHV owners, and we propose to work with the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department and other enforcement agencies on enforcement of OHV requirements. Download
PEAVINE MOUNTAIN ROAD MAINTENANCE SIERRA TRAIL WORKS $44,160 We are proposing to complete approximately 25.3 miles of road maintenance and approximately 2.0 miles of route decommissioning within the southern portion of the Peavine network of Dirt Roads and OHV Trails. The road maintenance would prioritize safety and drainage, and is not intended to “sanitize” any of the roads or allow for reclassification to lower clearance vehicles. The decommissioning is within or adjacent to the Keystone Canyon Non-Motorized Zone including boulder blockades of the decommissioned routes at 4 locations. Download
PINENUT MT. TRAIL ASSOCIATION CLEAN UPS PINENUT MT. TRAIL ASSOCIATION $50,828 The association has communicated that they will accept one year of funding at $25,414 in order to receive funding from the Commission. PNMTA will seek, gather, remove, and transfer illegally dumped rubbish, trash, and other refuse found on public lands; including shooter areas. There will be 8 cleanups (4 weekends) per year. Costs are for dumpsters, equipment rental/fuel, supplies, outhouse rental. Download
PRISON HILL OHV TRAIL PLAN NATIONAL OFF-HIGHWAY VEHICLE CONSERVATION COUNCIL & CARSON CITY $33,042.76 Phase 1 of this grant project will complete a management plan for OHV recreation at Prison Hill Recreation Area. This phase of the project will include a site feasibility assessment, trail assessment, trail layout and design, and completion of a comprehensive management plan including trail location recommendations, sign plans, maintenance plan, facility location, and rehabilitation of a sensitive hydrological area. NOHVCC will develop the trail layout & design as well as system planning and will hold public stakeholder meetings to inform the process and compile the final report. Download
PROJECT POLARIS DOUGLAS COUNTY SEARCH AND RESCUE $29,142.22 The grant request is for the purchase of a second tracked UTV for Search and Rescue Efforts. During the course of the past year DC-SAR has been involved in many rescues involving off-road vehicles. Several of these have been mutual-aid calls in other counties in Nevada and California. We normally do not send individual rescuers out on their own, we always send them as a team. Likewise, when sending vehicles out into the back country we try to send them in pairs. This is in the event one vehicle breaks down or has an accident. Not having a second tracked UTV means that we must break that policy to get to people that need to be rescued. As detailed in this proposal, it is our intent to utilize this vehicle to assist us in serving the citizens of Douglas County, along with the numerous visitors to our region. It will be our responsibility to purchase required accessories to make this unit serviceable. These include a trailer to transport the UTV, equipping it with emergency lighting, and applying decals identifying it as belonging to the Douglas County Sheriff’s Department. Download
RANGER TRAIL RECONSTRUCTION GREAT BASIN INSTITUTE AND USFS ELY $94,922 This proposal involves the reconstruction of the Southern Portions of the Ranger OHV Trail in White Pine County, Nevada. The trail is approximately 50 miles in length and is located within the Schell Creek Range on the Ely Ranger District. The trail is a motorized trail however sections of the trail are only open/safe for certain classes of OHV's. The objectives of this proposal are to reconstruct a minimum of 10 miles and a maximum of 15 or more miles of the Southern portions of the trail to allow sate use for OHV's including UTV's up to approximately 65 inches in width. Install directional, informational, and educational signing along the trail route and at key access points along the Ranger Trail (summer of 2019). This will include installation of Wilderness boundary signs where the trail is close to the High Schells Wilderness Boundary. This will reduce potential for motorized incursions into the wilderness. Download
RUBY MT CITY JARBIDGE OHV TRAIL MAINTENANCE, SNOW USER SURVEY, EQUIPMENT GREAT BASIN INSTITUTE AND USFS $234,975.12 PART 1 Trail/road maintenance: with 1,317 miles of OHV roads and 925 Miles of OHV trails documented in their Travel Management Plan and significant reductions (i.e. approximately 50% reduction over the last 15 years) in annual operating budgets for road and trail maintenance, the RMJD is requesting project funds to support the purchase of equipment and labor to complete maintenance projects around the district and will focus initial efforts on the popular Merritt Mountain Trail and Bruneau Road.To complete identified road/trail grading, retaining wall, and excavation projects, GBI and RMJD are requesting funds to purchase one Sutter 500 Trail Dozer and one Kubota U25S mini-excavator. In addition to the equipment purchase, we are requesting project funds to support the hiring of two seasonal recreation technician equipment operators, who will work closely with RMJD staff over a period of six months to complete identified projects on the Merritt Mountain Trail and Bruneau Road. PART 2 The second proposed project initiative is the completion of a winter recreation visitor questionnaire that will focus on snowmobile use in the Lamoille Canyon area of the Ruby Mountains district.The technician will work closely with RMJD staff to develop an observational protocol intended to collect data on snowmobile use in Lamoille Canyon. Data collection will focus on visitor use, visitor needs, and visitor conflicts. The collected data will inform RMJD staff on actions necessary to improve the public experience and better manage the important natural resources of the Lamoille Canyon area. Examples of potential actions include improved parking areas, portable bathrooms, and snow trail maintenance equipment for trail grooming. PART 3 The third project initiative is providing funds to support RMJD staff law enforcement patrolling of popular OHV recreation areas during times of the year when large numbers of OHV enthusiasts would be encountered (i.e. hunting season). Download
RUBY MT SNOWMOBILE CLUB DEVELOPMENT, EQUIPMENT & TRAIL GROOMING RANDY MAULDIN $53,942 Planning for special use permit followed by purchase of snowcat, groomer, trailer, toilet rental and avalanche beacons. Road Parking and staging area snow removal and maintenance. Trail grooming in Lamoille canyon. Club development and community education. These funds will be used for community education, club development and to improve wintertime access of public lands, enhance public health and safety. Download
SHOSHONE ATV TRAIL MAINTENANCE &MILL; CREEK CAMPGROUND CONNECTOR TRAILS PLANNING NATIONAL OFF-HIGHWAY VEHICLE CONSERVATION COUNCIL & BLM $72,508.10 Heavy maintenance work and assessment of 40.5 miles of existing Shoshone system trails; maintenance of Redrock trailhead and approach road, sign maintenance. This project also includes planning for three new trail connections between the Mill creek campground and the Shoshone trail. Update and reprint of the trail map. Download
STATE PARKS EDUCATION ENFORCEMENT AND OUTREACH NEVADA STATE PARKS EASTERN REGION $36,706.98 We are requesting funding for a six-seater OHV/enclosed cab with tracks and trailer to haul it. With the implementation of the newly formed Eastern Region for Nevada State Parks; which includes all parks in Lincoln County, White Pine County and Elko County. All parks will benefit from this piece of equipment with park programs and Law Enforcement. The OHV will be housed and maintained at the Eastern Regional Office which is located in Panaca, NV. Our maintenance shop is also located out of the same office. The benefit of having this location is the short time frame it would take to get it to any of the state parks throughout the Eastern Region. We plan on using the UHV to help our state plan trailrides that start from our parks and introduce our visitors to trails and roads that they can enjoy right from our parks. We will also be better suited to GPS different roads and trails near our parks in order to develop trail maps. New trails are planned in some of our parks and this will allow staff to get out and map these areas. Download
TREADLIGHTLY! MOTORIZED TRAIL EDUCATION TREADLIGHTLY! $22,000 this is a continuation of the current education agreement for RIDE ON Nevada. Tread Lightly’s state coordinator will continue attending outreach events, meeting with OHV clubs and dealers to educate riders to practice ethics to keep access open as well as engaging volunteers to become better stewards via cleanups and small projects. THIS WILL EXTEND THE CURRENT GRANT THROUGH THE END OF 2018. Download
WASHOE COUNTY SHERIFF’S OUTREACH AND ENFORCEMENT WASHOE COUNTY SHERIFF $12,768 These funds will be utilized to provide overtime pay for two deputies to conduct OHV enforcement and education on public lands. Weekend saturation patrols will be conducted utilizing UTV's to contact OHV operators and check registration compliance, enforcement and education. We will utilize THE previously OHV funded UTV to conduct weekend countywide saturation patrols to enforce OHV requirements including providing pamphlets with the guidelines and applicable laws. We have a large problem with unsupervised juveniles riding OHV' s on public roadways and areas closed to public access resulting in damage to both county and private and property. Staffing levels do not allow us to address these issues on the weekends the use of deputies on overtime dedicated to the issue would be a tremendous asset to the Sheriffs Office and citizens of Washoe County. Download
WEST WENDOVER SHARED RESOURCE WEST WENDOVER POLICE DEPARTMENT $50,000 Police Department will obtain a side by side Utility Terrain Vehicle (UTV), similar to a Polaris Ranger for use in public education, enforcement, and search & rescue operations. The UTV will be stored in a trailer at the police department and maintained by the West Wendover Police Department. The UTV will be available for use by other agencies in our 56-mile radius mutual aid area. These agencies include: West Wendover Police Department, West Wendover Fire Department, Wendover Ambulance Service, Nevada Highway Patrol, Wendover Utah Police, Wendover Utah Fire, Tooele Utah County Sheriff, and Elko NV County Sheriff. Download
YERINGTON POLICE DEPARTMENT ENFORCEMENT YERINGTON POLICE DEPARTMENT $35,446 This grant request includes three major equipment purchases. The first purchase is a Polaris side by side off highway vehicle to operate where traditional law enforcement vehicles can’t. The second is the equipment necessary to be installed in the vehicle to allow safe and effective law enforcement operations. The third item is an enclosed trailer to transport and store the vehicle. Download
YOUTH EDUCATION-OUTDOOR ETHICS ATV/OHV AND DIRT BIKE SAFETY NEVADA OUTDOOR SCHOOL $26,518 Nevada Outdoor School will be working with at least 200 youth in school and after-school settings during the school year, running three ATV/Dirt Bike Rider Camps and at least seven outdoor adventure camps and excursions throughout the summer, attending at least six public outreach Road Shows throughout the year, co-hosting at least four registration/VIN inspection events with local Sheriff’s offices during the spring and fall months, hosting at least 3 youth and 5 adult ATV/OHV/Dirt Bike safety training's and hosting at least 3 Tread Lightly! Trainer Courses throughout the year. In addition to Tread Lightly!, Leave No Trace and ATV Safety curriculum, NOS will develop new interpretive material and add content to our educational outreach regarding the OHV registration law in Nevada and the user benefits of registering. In total, NOS plans to directly contact 400 people with that message. Additional contacts will be made through web presence and social media. As part of this program, we will be traveling to many locations throughout the state of Nevada and therefore will need reliable transportation in the form of a new vehicle. This vehicle will be housed at the Nevada Outdoor School Winnemucca office and regularly maintained by local, licensed mechanics to ensure top performance and longevity. This program is matching this grant with an additional $40,181 from a variety of sources. Federal match will come from BLM Assistance Agreements and State Parks Recreational Trails Program for Outdoor Ethics and ATV/OHV Safety and the AmeriCorps Program. There will be some in-kind labor from volunteers and students during several of the program activities. Non-federal cash match will come from private donations such as Newmont Mining and Barrick Gold employee giving campaigns. Download