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2021 Grant Program Applicants

This is a list of all of the applicants that applied by the grant application due date for the fiscal year 2021. To read the applications, click on "Download" in the far right column.

Project Names Applicant Grant Request Synopsis Download
Project Names: Lovell Canyon Adopt-A-Trail Applicant: Dunes and Trails ATV Club Grant Request: $ 4,895 Synopsis: The Dunes and Trail ATV Club seeks funding for equipment to support volunteer led cleanups at the location OHV riding area Lovell Canyon. Download
Project Names: Avalanche Education & Outreach Applicant: Sierra Avalanche Center Grant Request: $ 86,150 Synopsis: Funding is awarded to continue avalanche safety monitoring on the center website, and produce an avalanche safety video for motorized snow recreation Download
Project Names: Beaver Dam OHV Applicant: Beaver Dam State Park Grant Request: $38,500 Synopsis: Beaver Dam State Park requests funding for an OHV to better access and maintain their OHV trails. Download
Project Names: CCSO OHV Program Applicant: Carson City Sheriff's Office Grant Request: $ 67,598 Synopsis: Carson City Sheriff Office requests funding for an OHV and trailer to kickstart the OHV program. Download
Project Names: City of Las Vegas Safe Trails Initiative Applicant: City of Las Vegas Department of Public Safety Grant Request: $ 136,107 Synopsis: Funding is requested for a new fleet of motorcycles to better enforce OHV regulations in Las Vegas. Download
Project Names: Fallon OHV Maps Applicant: City of Fallon Grant Request: $ 60,000 Synopsis: Funding is requested to support development of printed maps for OHV riding areas proximate to Fallon. Download
Project Names: Hills Angels Big Meadows Project Applicant: Hill Angels Four Wheel Drive Club Grant Request: $ 30,937 Synopsis: The Hills Angels club requests funding to support trail maintenance and cleanups at along the hunter lake road and the Big Meadows Campground. Download
Project Names: HTNF Carson Bridgeport OHV Applicant: US Forest Service Grant Request: $195, 698 Synopsis: An OHV purchase for Carson Ranger District, staff time, and a seasonal recreation crew to maintain OHV routes on both districts is requested. Download
Project Names: Mesquite OHV Safety Guide & Trail Map Applicant: Mesquite Chamber of Commerce Grant Request: $ 9,128 Synopsis: Mesquite Chamber of Commerce requests funding to produce a brochure for sale, highlighting the OHV recreation opportunities in the area. Download
Project Names: Mesquite PD Trail System Vehicle Applicant: Mesquite Police Department Grant Request: $ 33,613 Synopsis: Mesquite Police Department requests funding to further develop their OHV program through marketing materials, and VIN inspections. funding is also requested to purchase an OHV for use in offroad emergency response. Download
Project Names: Moon Rocks OHV Development & Maintenance Applicant: Bureau of Land Management Grant Request: $ 200,000 Synopsis: Funding is requested to further develop the Hungry Valley Recreation area with a helicopter pad, bathrooms and managed camping areas. funding will support environmental assessments and infrastructure for Phase 1 development. Download
Project Names: MotoMedX Applicant: MotoMedX Grant Request: $21,096 Synopsis: Moto Med X will host emergency response services at organized OHV events state wide. funding is requested to support training courses and equipment for first responders at OHV events Download
Project Names: Nye County OHV Education & Awareness Program Applicant: Nye County Sheriff's Office Grant Request: $ 43,423 Synopsis: Nye County requests funding to support an OHV purchase, outreach and education for OHVs around the County and to support staff overtime Download
Project Names: Offroad Experience at the Track Applicant: OTMX Nevada & Reno OTHG MX Grant Request: $ 131, 400 Synopsis: Two clubs request funding to host events at a maintained motocross track. funding will be used for track preparation, safety flagging, and equipment operation. Registration outreach and education will be available, as well a discount for riders with an active OHV sticker. Download
Project Names: OHV Map for Spring Mountains NRA Applicant: Southern Nevada Conservancy Grant Request: $ 6,943 Synopsis: Southern Nevada Conservancy requests funding for printed trail map production to be resold in the Spring Mountain Recreation Area Visitor Center. Download
Project Names: OHV Recreation Technicians Applicant: Great Basin Institute Grant Request: $ 87,455 Synopsis: GBI will host Interagency recreation technicians responsible for supporting OHV recreation projects on public lands. funding will support two technicians responsible for trailhead signage and kiosk maintenance. Additional activities include opportunities for professional development, OHV education and Outreach, and workforce training Download
Project Names: Outdoor Ethics, Education, Outreach & OHV Safety Training Applicant: Nevada Outdoor School Grant Request: $ 39, 930 Synopsis: NOS Seeks funding to continue the Outdoor ethics training program, host ATV Safety Courses, and further develop a nevada specific OHV Safety and Outreach program to be hosted statewide Download
Project Names: Peavine Maze Connectivity—Phase 1 Applicant: Reno Area Dirt Riders Grant Request: $ 138,306 Synopsis: partial funding is requested to complete feasibility studies for new trail construction to support connectivity with larger singletrack trail systems on the Tahoe and Plumas National forests. Reno Area Dirt Riders propose to facilitate trail design and construction on these connector trails. Download
Project Names: Pitchfork OHV Day Use Applicant: Walker River State Recreation Area Grant Request: $ 143, 255 Synopsis: Funding is requested to support development of an OHV day use staging area with weed control measures Download
Project Names: RAD Communities Project Applicant: Reno Area Dirt Riders Grant Request: $ 15,180 Synopsis: Reno Area Dirt Riders will continue to complete cleanups on public lands. Funding is awarded to support purchase of a trailer to house trail building equipment, printed outreach materials, and club branded PPE for trail work days. Download
Project Names: Riverside Road OHV Staging Area Applicant: City of Mesquite Grant Request: $ 143,000 Synopsis: Funding is requested to develop a staging area with parking and restrooms in Mesquite. Download
Project Names: Sand Mountain Equipment Applicant: Bureau of Land Management CCDO Grant Request: $ 61,294 Synopsis: Funding is requested to purchase equipment that will better maintain OHV trails at Sand Mountain. Download
Project Names: Sunbuggy Trash Patrol—Nellis Dunes Applicant: Sun Buggy Fun Rentals Inc. Grant Request: $ 52,038 Synopsis: The rental organization requests funding to host cleanup activities at their local riding area, the Nellis Dunes Download
Project Names: Tahoe Meadows Snowmobile Outreach, Monitoring, and Mapping Applicant: Friends of Nevada Wilderness Grant Request: $ 16,371 Synopsis: Friends of NV Wilderness seek funding to better sign and educate snowmobile riders about legal OSV riding areas. Download
Project Names: Trail Ambassador Program Applicant: NOHVIS Group Inc. Grant Request: $ 184,300 Synopsis: A curriculum for safety and trail ambassadors is presented for purchase. Download
Project Names: Tread Lightly! Ethics Education Applicant: Tread Lightly! Grant Request: $ 2,200 Synopsis: Tread Lightly requests funding for printed outreach materials for display by the Forest Service on public lands materials. Download