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2019 Grant Program Applicants

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This is a list of all of the applicants that applied by the grant application due date for the fiscal year 2021. To read the applications, click on "Download" in the far right column.

Project Names Applicant Grant Request Synopsis Download
Project Names: OUTDOOR ETHICS, TREADLIGHTLY!, OHV DRIVING CLASSES Applicant: NEVADA OUTDOOR SCHOOL Grant Request: $34,539 Synopsis: Nevada Outdoor School will use funding to further develop their ATV training courses, and outdoor ethics education programming. Download
Project Names: CARSON CITY DISTRICT OFFICE BLM EDUCATION & ENFORCEMENT Applicant: CARSON CITY BUREAU OF LAND MANAGMENT Grant Request: $95,000 Synopsis: Carson City requests funding for an OHV and Trailer to support a mobile education and outreach workshop. The equipment will be used at Sand Mountain and at Recreation events across the district. Download
Project Names: COLD CREEK RESCUE VEHICLE Applicant: CLARK COUNTY FIRE STATION 822 Grant Request: $40,567.72 Synopsis: Clark County Fire requests an OHV for response. Download
Project Names: ELKO OHV PROGRAM Applicant: CITY OF ELKO Grant Request: $60,000 Synopsis: City of Elko requests an OHV for patrols and further development of their OHV friendly community. funding will be used to develop outreach materials for the new OHV ordinance. Download
Project Names: ELY OHV ACCESS ROUTE SIGNAGE Applicant: CITY OF ELY Grant Request: $5,490 Synopsis: City of Ely requests funding for signage, education, and outreach of their new OHV ordinance. Download
Project Names: HTNF CARSON BRIDGEPORT OHV PROGRAM Applicant: UNITED STATES FOREST SERVICE CARSON AND BRIDGEPORT RANGER DISTRICTS Grant Request: $187,988 Synopsis: FUnding is requested to improve signage, maintain routes, and purchase an OHV to monitor Recreation activities along the Eastern Sierra. Download
Project Names: INYO PLANNING & STORM DAMAGE ROAD REPAIR Applicant: INYO NATIONAL FOREST Grant Request: $74,200 Synopsis: The Inyo National Forest requests funding to support seasonal staff and OHV recreation management on the Nevada portions of the forest. Download
Project Names: LAS VEGAS VALLEY LOOP TRAIL Applicant: ROSS WILLIAMS Grant Request: $31,098 Synopsis: Ross Williams requests funding to study the feasibility of an OHV trail around the Las Vegas Valley. Download
Project Names: LINCOLN COUNTY SIGNING KIOSKS AND OHV INFORMATION Applicant: LINCOLN COUNTY REGIONAL DEVELOPMENT AUTHORITY Grant Request: $36,950 Synopsis: Funding will support the purchase and installation of Kiosks around Lincoln County to display recreation information. Download
Project Names: MESQUITE POLICE DEPT. EQUIPMENT & REGISTRATION CAMPAIGN Applicant: MESQUITE POLICE DEPARTMENT Grant Request: $49,068 Synopsis: Funding is awarded to purchase an OHV for offroad emergency response and assistance. Printed materials for outreach and education events are included to support the Mesquite Police Department OHV Program. Download
Project Names: METRO ENTERPRISE AREA COMMAND Applicant: LAS VEGAS METROPOLITAN POLICE ENTERPRISE UNIT Grant Request: $53,841 Synopsis: LVMPD requests funding for an OHV and staff time to monitor OHV recreation in Clark County. Funding will also be used to complete VIN inspections, and for education and outreach events. Download
Project Names: OHV SAFETY ENFORCEMENT & PARTNERSHIP MAINTENANCE Applicant: DOUGLAS COUNTY SHERIFF Grant Request: $141,000 Synopsis: Douglas County Sheriff Requests funding to support their Search and Rescue Program, increase OHV patrols and enforcement. Download
Project Names: PRISON HILL PHASE 2.1 OHV EDUCATION AND TRAIL DESIGN Applicant: NATIONAL OFF HIGHWAY VEHICLE CONSERVATION COUNCIL (NOHVCC) Grant Request: $204,109.73 Synopsis: NOHVCC Requests funding to decomission social trails, improve signage, and build new trails at the Prison Hill OHV area. Download
Project Names: PRISON HILL PHASE 2.2 TRAIL CONSTRUCTION Applicant: NATIONAL OFF HIGHWAY VEHICLE CONSERVATION COUNCIL (NOHVCC) Grant Request: $191,196.61 Synopsis: NOHVCC requests funding to further develop the OHV trail system at Prison Hill. Download
Project Names: RIDE SAFE AND SMART HUMBOLDT COUNTY Applicant: HUMBOLDT COUNTY SHERIFF Grant Request: $20,815 Synopsis: HCSO requests funding to continue development of their OHV safety training program Download
Project Names: SILVER STATE, BIGROCKS, HUNTER LAKE ROUTE DESIGNATION Applicant: FRIENDS OF NEVADA WILDERNESS Grant Request: $34,362 Synopsis: Friends of Nevada Wilderness request funding to decommission wilderness trespass in three wilderness areas with proximal OHV use. Download
Project Names: USFS HIGH CLEARANCE OHV ROUTES Applicant: UNITED STATE FOREST SERVICE HUMBOLDT TOIYABE NATIONAL FOREST Grant Request: $187,988 Synopsis: USFS requests funding to complete roads maintenance at three sites across the state: Dog Valley / Peavine, Hunter Lakes Road, and Wheeler Pass. Download
Project Names: WINNEMUCCA SAND DUNES TRAILHEAD Applicant: NORTHERN NEVADA ATV CLUB Grant Request: $147,805.90 Synopsis: Funding is requested to further develop the Winnemucca Sand Dunes staging area with parking, shade, trash service, and restrooms. Download
Project Names: WINTER OUTREACH AND EDUCATION rUBY MOUNTAINS Applicant: GREAT BASIN INSTITUTE Grant Request: $35,654 Synopsis: GBI will support the USFS in Elko with the purchase of a Snowmobile and winter recreation staff to patrol for OHV use around the Ruby Mountains. Download