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This years fall grant round ended November 2, 2017. We have recieved 34 grant applications and will be processing them and contacting eligible applicants. The grant awards will occur on December 14th, during the Commission Meeting held in Carson City (see Commission tab). The applications will be posted on this website prior to the meeting. Approximately $1.4 million in funding is available for the 2018 fiscal year. This State funding comes from the registration of off-highway vehicles in Nevada. Applications are due by November 1, 2017. The Nevada Off-Highway Vehicle Program is administered through the Nevada Departments of Conservation and Natural Resources and promotes safe and responsible use of Nevada's outstanding opportunities for off-road recreation. The program provides grants to fund off-highway vehicle related projects throughout the state including trail improvements, mapping, signage, law enforcement, education, safety training, restoration, and other projects.

Common Eligible OHV Projects include but are not limited to:
  • Employee services of seasonal and/or non-permanent staff hired specifically for the project.
  • Youth programs and youth-oriented projects, specific to the criteria of the funding.
  • Trail building tools and equipment.
  • Signs and interpretive aids.
  • Construction, reconstruction, and maintenance work on trails.
  • Construction of bridges, railings, ramps, fences, and retaining structures.
  • Bank stabilization, re-vegetation, rehabilitation and erosion control in areas caused by OHV use.
  • Trailhead development including parking lots, signs, restrooms and related facilities.
  • Public Education, safety and user information programs.
  • OHV registration law enforcement and outreach/education salaries, materials and equipment.
  • Equipment for and the grooming of snow trails.
  • Trail planning and Environmental reviews including NEPA, feasibility and trail use studies.
  • Trail management plans, analysis of existing and proposed trails, mapping, trail and facility inventory.
  • Map publication and public distribution of maps.
  • Safety gear PPE, for volunteers working on the project.

It's always time to prepare for the next round of Off-Highway Vehicle Grants. To request assistance in planning your project and for questions about the OHV Grant program, please contact Jenny Scanland at or at (775) 684-2794.
  • 11/1/17 - Logandale Trails completed the OHV trailhead restroom courtesy of the OHV grants! Check out thier website

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