The Dirt: Lamoille Canyon OSV



Lamoille Canyon is a popular recreation stop in Elko County’s Ruby Mountains. The scenic peaks and high-desert valleys appeal to outdoor enthusiasts year-round, but come winter will be covered in plenty of snow for snowmobiling, skiing, and snowshoeing.  Lamoille Canyon Road winds through the canyon, following the route of Lamoille Creek towards Lamoille Lake. This route passes by the Thomas Canyon Campground, which is not open during the winter season, however there is an Avalanche Beacon Checkpoint installed and operational at the campground kiosk.  

Snowmobiling is prohibited within the designated Ruby Mountains Wilderness Area, however Lamoille Canyon Road and areas within the canyon are open to OSV usage. Please be mindful of any wilderness boundaries and only OSV in approved open areas.  

Staging areas can be found along NF-660, Lamoille Canyon Road. The roadway is closed to cars beyond the “snow line”, which is located after the Upper Staging Area (see PDF map of the OSV area). There is also a Lower Staging Area at the beginning of Lamoille Canyon Road if conditions restrict access to the Upper Staging Area.


From downtown Elko:

  • Follow along NV-227 for about 20 miles.
  • Turn right onto NF-660, Lamoille Canyon Road.
  • Parking and staging areas can be found along the roadway and pullouts. Lamoille Canyon Road closes seasonally after the Upper Staging Area, before Thomas Canyon Campground.

Rules of the Road

Land Manager: US Forest Service - Mountain City – Ruby Mountains – Jarbidge Ranger District

Elko Office
660 South 12th St.
Suite 108
Elko, NV 89801
(775) 738-5171

The Humboldt-Toiyabe National Forest has not completed Over-Snow Vehicle Use Travel Management planning for this area. The over-snow vehicle routes and open areas shown on this map are information only and are subject to change. This map implies no right of access across any private lands displayed on this map. Please follow Responsible Recreation guidelines and stay on existing roads and trails.

Be sure to check local riding and weather conditions before recreating, as Lamoille Canyon is remote and conditions can change quickly! Motor vehicles are permitted on designated trails only - be respectful of seasonal wheeled-vehicle closures. Over-snow Vehicles are required to yield to all other users.

Always plan ahead and prepare for uncertainty. Travel with warm clothing, first aid, food, water and appropriate tools to fix a problem. Traveling in groups is always a good idea, as well as informing someone of where you will be going.

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