The Dirt: Clark County - South



*** Christmas Tree Pass Road and all routes withing the Lake Mead National Recreation Area is off limits to OHVs that are not Street Legal***

The OHV trails surrounding the town of Searchlight offers riders the option to do round-about loop routes with options to access different coves on the Colorado River. For example, Christmas Tree Pass is a popular road suitable for vehicles with 4WD and high clearance. Along your way, be sure to check out Grapevine Canyon to enjoy ancient petroglyphs and great views.

This area includes the Piute-Eldorado Area of Critical Environmental Concern, a protected area with strict rules for recreators. Motorized and mechanized travel is restricted to designated routes, which can be found above: cross country travel with motorized/mechanized vehicles is prohibited in the A.C.E.C. area. Please take special care around the wilderness areas of Wee Thump and Ireteba. Target shooting is permitted in much of this region, but care should always be taken to avoid starting wildfires or firing near developed/populated areas. 

This part of the Mojave is important habitat for the Desert Tortoise. Tortoises are most active when they emerge from hibernation and begin foraging, from March to June. They become less active during the hottest months of summer, but can still be seen occasionally crossing roads. They become more active as the weather cools, from September to October, as they complete their activities before beginning their winter hibernation. Please be careful not to injure Desert Tortoises; they may seek shade underneath vehicles and trailers, and cannot move quickly to avoid vehicles when they cross roads. 

Safety should always be the primary concern for visitors to the Mojave Desert. High-clearance, 4WD vehicles are recommended for all trails in the region. Be aware of extreme heat, limited cell phone service, and flash floods. Many OHV routes include stretches of sandy wash, and vehicles can easily become stuck. Always take extra water wherever you travel, and tell someone of your travel itinerary, just in case you become stranded in a remote location.


Christmas Tree Pass is NOT OPEN TO OHVs located off highway 95 approximately 14 miles south of Searchlight. From Laughlin go West on highway 163 for approximately 6 miles then turn right on Christmas Tree Pass Rd. To access routes west of Laughlin around Conical Peak you can enter from highway 163 approximately 12 miles west of Laughlin on Upper Bridge Canyon Rd. on your left if you are driving from Laughlin, or 5 miles east of Highway 95 on your right.

Routes are also accessible south of Laughlin near Big Bend of the Colorado River State Recreation Area off of Needles Highway, approximately half a mile from the State Recreation Area on your right.

Rules of the Road

Land Manager: Bureau of Land Management

BLM Field Office - Las Vegas
4701 North Torrey Pines Drive
Las Vegas, NV 89130

Telephone: (702) 515-5000

Email: lvfoweb@blm.gov

Motor vehicles are permitted on designated trails only.

Always plan ahead and prepare for uncertainty. Travel with warm clothing, first aid, food, water and appropriate tools to fix a problem.
Traveling in groups is always a good idea, as well as informing someone of where you will be going.

  • Register Your Vehicle
  • Make sure your vehicle is equipped with a spark arrestor
  • Plan Ahead and Prepare
  • Travel and Camp on Durable Surfaces
  • Dispose of Waste Properly
  • Leave What You Find
  • Minimize Campfire Impacts
  • Respect Wildlife
  • Be Considerate of Other Trail Users

Leave No Trace

Tread Lightly

Historic Preservation

Land Manager

Plan Your Visit